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Two paradoxes — that of value and choice — in economic and psychological decision-making are quite different yet similar. At the intersection of economics and psychology — called behavioral economics — lie these paradoxes.

The article unveils the missing middle phenomenon or the lack of medium-sized enterprises in the industrial sector of developing economies.

When do the free markets cease to be self-correcting? The article charts the evolution of economic thought, from traditional laissez-faire to modern-day free market economies.

This explainer expands on the labor demand and supply in a monopsonistic labor market, exploring the effect of collective bargaining by trade unions on such a market structure.

While life expectancy in the United States fell from 2015 to 2017, we could observe a similar trend in the post-pandemic world but due to distinct reasons.

In 2001, Shoshana Zuboff coined the term ‘surveillance capitalism’ for what once was a panacea in the wake of the dot-com bust, which now has emerged as a form of capitalistic accumulation of behavioral data.

Human capital accumulation is equally essential to the production process in an economy, as is physical capital formation. The article outlines the evolution of economic growth theory — from homogeneous labor to human capital.

A Universal and Unconditional Basic Income is a disincentive to employment and financial sovereignty that ought to do more harm than good in the long run.

Sparing the technical details of what happened, the article draws lessons from the GameStop frenzy and comments on the growing financialization of the world economy and its implications on the state of present-day capitalism.

A theory to explain causal pathways of anticipated impact after initiating an intervention, used in monitoring and evaluation methods, in development economics.

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